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Hydraulic honing machines models VCH

Линия станков DALCAN Machines Denmark

Хонинговальный станок

The VCH 350 and VCH 450 machines provide easy and quick operations, and yet it produces precision work. The high quality of working is due to the rigid construction of the base, and a very solid feed system for the honing head stones. The standard color is red, but any color can also be chosen at the customer's request.

Хонинговальный станок DALCAN Machines Denmark VCH 200   Хонинговальный станок DALCAN Machines Denmark VCH 450



These machines are hydraulically operated with variable spindle speeds and feeds, which allows for honing of the bore with any hatch angle. The machines are developed for making accurate honing and quick hydraulic clamping of the cylinder blocks.

  • Quick removal / installation of the honing head.
  • Quick adjustment of the top and bottom extreme positions of the honing head when honing.
  • Ability to easily adjust the rotation speed and vertical feed of the honing head.
  • Rigid feeding of the bars with automatic or manual adjustment, possibility of using different honing heads, including SUNNEN type.
  • Simple fixing of V- blocks.

All the machines have a large range of extra equipment for installation and honing of mostly any cylinder blocks.


Minimum honing diameter mm 62 62
Maximum honing diameter mm 140 200
Honing diameter with extra honing head mm 200 250
Minimum honing stroke mm 320 380
Maximum honing stroke mm 350 450
Stroke speed (infinitely variable) m/min 1-12 1-12
Spindle speed variable rpm 25-200 25-200
Max. Block length mm 1100 1400
Max. Block width mm 550 550
Max. Block height mm 450 600
Motor power pack kW 0,75 0,75
Electric coolant pump motor kW 0,1 0,1
Honing head traverse мм 1000 1300
Length of the machine mm 1620 1920
Width of the machine mm 1300 1300
Height of the machine mm 1750 1850
Work space required (L x W x H) mm 1700x1400x1970 2000x1400x2070
Net weight (approx.) кг 720 900
Gross weight (approx.) кг 1200 1600
Packing case outer size (L x W x H) mm 1900x1500x1950 2200x1500x2150
Shipping volume m3 6,0 8,0


  • Setting up parallel 100mm height x 500mm long
  • Setting up parallel 100mmheight x 650mm long
  • Honing head 62mm to 140 mm with stone
  • Honing head 115mm to 215mm with stone
  • Double end spanner 22/24
  • Handle type allen key 4mm
  • Allen key set (9nos)
  • T-bolt with nut & washer
  • Setting up parallel tightening bolt nut and washer
  • Block tightening clamp
  • Foundation bolt washer & nut
  • Extension holder (medium)
  • Carrier holder (medium and big)
  • Honing buffs
  • Operation manual

PLEASE NOTE - the standard machine tool kit includes all the needed tools


  • Quick clamping device.
  • V-type block clamping fixture
  • Friction feed hone head
  • Stroke counter
  • Setting up parallel 100 mm height x 500 mm long
  • Setting up parallel 100 mm height x 650 mm long
  • Honing head 62 mm to 140 mm
  • HONING HEAD 115 MM TO 215 MM
  • Setting up parallel tightening bolt nut and washer
  • Extension holder (medium)
  • Carrier holder (medium and big)
  • Honing buffs 12 x 12 x 100
  • Honing buffs 10 x 10 x 100 



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