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Cylindrical grinding machines model RG2750


These cylindrical grinding machines meet the technical requirements of those who need to restore both small and large series of all sizes rollers; they have headstocks with quick replacement of chucks on centers, smooth control of the rotation of the work piece, table feed and other useful features.



станок DALCAN Machines Denmark RG 2750

These inexpensive cylindrical grinding machines are supplied for production on the basis of the extensive experience of the personnel of DALCAN Machines in the production of precision equipment for engine remanufacturing and cylindrical grinding.

Important features of the new cylindrical grinding machines are the servo motor of the grinding wheel feeding, the hydraulic clamping of the tailstock center and the electronic display; all them defines a new line of machines as corresponding to the best existing models of the World's most famous manufacturers.

Distinctive features of the cylindrical grinding machines:

  • Heavy cast iron and aged bed - exceptional stability of the machine characteristics.
  • Hydraulic table feed - quickness and accuracy.
  • Hydraulic feed of grinding wheel - accuracy, speediness and ease of operation.
  • Hydraulic clamping of the rear center - convenience.
  • Headstock motor - smooth operation and high durability.
  • Easy replacement of chucks on the centers, and also installation of the centers in chucks - productivity.
  • Electronic display with parameter control - high accuracy.
  • Automatic feeding of the table - accuracy and convenience.

Особенности станков

Precise spindle system and electronic display

Особенности станков

Rigid and strong steady rests for precise grinding of heavy rollers

Особенности станков

Accurate grinding wheel radius dressing device



RG 2750

Maximum distance between centers mm 2800
Maximum distance between chucks mm 2725
Height of centre from the table mm 350
Maximum swing over table mm 700
Maximum head offset mm 20
Max grinding diameter mm 600
Chuck diameter mm 250
Max workpiece weight kg 1250
Diameter of grinding wheel mm 600
Micrometeric grind head feed mm 1
Fast grinding head feed with control mm 335
Work head spindle rotation speed (variable) rev/min 20-90
Table slow feed per turn of hand wheel mm 5
Table fast feed per turn of hand wheel mm/min 3000
Automatic table movement - Yes
Grinding wheel spindle speed rev/min 760
Width of grinding wheel mm 19-50


Grinding wheel motor kW/rev.min  7,5/1440
Work head motor kW/rev.min 1,0/1440
Coolant pump motor kW/rev.min 0,13/2800
Servo control motor (grinding wheel slide) kW 0,4


Length of the machine mm 4500
Width of the machine mm 2250
Height of the machine mm 1650
Work space required mm 7000x2000
Net weight kg 5000
Gross weight kg 6500
Shipping volume m3 17


  • Complete hydraulic system
  • Complete electro system 24 V
  • Complete coolant system
  • Splash guard
  • Self centring 3-jaws chuck with key 250 mm with 2 sets of jaws
  • Grinding wheel 600х25 mm
  • Wheel hub 250 mm
  • Extra balancing weight with bolt
  • Centres 02
  • Normal steady rest
  • Face and side dresser assembly
  • Radius Dresser
  • Diamond dresser
  • Face plate puller
  • Levelling plate with bolt
  • Foundation bolt with nut
  • Crank centring V gauge
  • Wheel balancing arbour with nut
  • Wheel hub puller
  • Spindle nut tightening spanner
  • Set of service spanners
  • Operation manual


  • Crank truing gauge with dial
  • Wheel balancing stand
  • Portable polisher
  • Normal steady rest
  • Heavy duty steady rest
  • Wheel hub 250 mm
  • Grinding wheel 600 x 250 x 16 mm
  • Grinding wheel 600 x 250 x 19 mm
  • Grinding wheel 600 x 250 x 25 mm
  • Grinding wheel 600 x 250 x 32 mm
  • Self-centering chuck 250 mm with jaws
  • Self-centering chuck 350 mm with jaws
  • Self-centering chuck key


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