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Crack detectors models RT1500 и RT2500

Powerful magnetic crack detectors detecting cracks in all ferrous materials.
ИThe machines have a special coil for magnetization and demagnetization of the parts, an ultraviolet lamp, a magnetic powder for preparing a test fluorescent liquid (45 liters), and a spray gun for applying it to a part. This allows showing any micro cracks on the surface of the parts.
Magnetic crack detectors are especially recommended for crankshaft type parts, for their rejection before repair, and also for flat parts such as cast-iron cylinder heads, blocks and any other flat and cylindrical magnetic parts.


Магнитный дефектоскоп для обнаружения трещин в деталях модели RT1500




Max. length of crankshaft which can be inspected in one operation mm 1730 2500
Max. output  A 3000 3000
Max. operating current draw at max. output А/V 50-380/440В 50-380/440В
Power of ultra-violet lamp W 125 125
Length of heavy-duty cables, 1 of each mm 1500 + 2900 2500 + 3700
Height to top of splash guard mm 790 790
Overall height mm 2030 2030
Overall height mm 1520 2520
Depth mm 585 585
Nett (approx.). kg 350 450
Gross (approx.) kg 400 500
Packing case dimensions m 1,08x1,72x0,76 1,08x2,72x0,76
Shipping volume куб.м 1,44 2,92


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