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Serdi Srl   The company SERDI Srl was established in 1988 in Italy for working in the Italian market and manufacturing the machines and spare parts for them. Since 2004, Serdi Srl has started production in Italy of its own line of EVO cutting machines for the machining and repair of valve seats and guides in the cylinder heads.

EVO line machines received a strong, technologically advanced, yet simple design and a wide range of performance. These machines were designed to have the highest possible accuracy (air cushions with lateral displacement), the most modern technology of cylinder head processing and repair, easy maintenance and really competitive prices for cylinder head repair equipment.

Письмо о назначении компании Dalcan эксклюзивным представителем SERDI SRL  

SERDI Srl machines have unsurpassed accuracy of seat machining of any engines - from small motorcycles to heavy diesel engines.

The quality and reliability of the SERDI Srl machines is higher than the analogues, which is confirmed by the fact that the guarantee for all SERDI Srl machines is 3 years - in contrast to the 1 year warranty established by the overwhelming majority of competitors.

Such a high quality of SERDI Srl machines at a very affordable price makes these machines extremely promising for the markets of many countries of the World.

All Serdi Srl machines have a rigid tool attachment system to the spindle, cylindrical carbide pilots for centering the spindle and standard Serdi cutting bits.

The model range EVOlution for cylinder head rebuilding from Serdi Srl includes 4 models of machines for seat machining - EVO Mega, EVO Classic, EVO Master with triple air cushion and EVO Plus with double air cushion, as well as "P" modification of EVO Mega and EVO Classic models for particularly high-precision centering:

Станки линии EVOlution
Универсальный высокоточный станок EVO XL для обработки седел и направляющих втулок   Universal high-precision machine EVO Mega for seat machining of all kinds of cylinder heads.
Высокоточная машина EVO ML для обработки седел и направляющих втулок клапанов   High-precision EVO Classic machine with technologically advanced solutions for seat processing of all kinds of cylinder heads.
Простая высокоточная машина EVO FC для обработки седел всех видов головок цилиндров   A simple high-precision EVO Master machine for valve seat machining of all kinds of cylinder heads.
Высокоточная машина EVO LIGHT для обработки седел многоклапанных головок   Rigid and easy-to-use high-precision EVO Plus machine for valve seat machining of multi-valve head of the motorbike and car engines.


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