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  Since 2012, DALCAN Machines has started to promote its own machines, for engine repairs. At first, it was the presses for straightening the crankshafts and magnetic crack detectors for testing parts before machining. Since 2014, the DALCAN Machines-Denmark line of engine rebuilding machines have been significantly expanded.

The new line of machines focuses exclusively on machines for engine rebuilding and represents an impressive list of more than ten machines, which today can be referred to as "the best in this class", not only in quality, but also at a price affordable for most customers.

DALCAN Machines-Denmark is the best opportunities in competitive specialized production of various machines, including boring, grinding and honing machines, which have exceptional Danish quality. The advantage of DALCAN Machines-Denmark - to offer no less than the best, comes from self-sufficient high-precision production capacity, uncompromising quality mandate and customer-oriented strategy.

The most important feature of the new line is the spirit of innovation, resulting from the competence and professionalism of the staff, whose experience in various areas gives additional self-confidence and an additional touch of product reliability. That's why DALCAN Machines has the support of the customers which get what they like and like what they get.

The lineup of the new line of machines DALCAN Machines-Denmark for the engine rebuilding is as follows:


Шлифовальные станки для коленчатых валов DALCAN Machines Denmark   Crankshaft grinding machines Расточные станки для гильз и блоков цилиндров DALCAN Machines Denmark   Cylinder boring machines
Хонинговальные станки для блоков цилиндров DALCAN Machines Denmark   Cylinder honing machines Горизонтально-расточные станки для постелей блоков и головок DALCAN Machines Denmark   Line-boring machines
Станки для обработки плоскостей DALCAN Machines Denmark   Surface grinding/milling machines Станки для расточки шатунов DALCAN Machines Denmark   Conrod cutting/grinding machines
Вспомогательное оборудование DALCAN Machines Denmark   Auxiliary equipment Станки для ремонта головок блока цилиндров DALCAN Machines Denmark   Seat cutting machines
  Magnet crack detectors   Crankshaft stratification presses
  Cylinder head pressure testers   Workbenches for valve and springs


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