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Crankshaft straightening presses models CSP

Extremely easy press for checking and straightening any shafts. Presses are especially recommended for crankshaft type parts for inspection and straightening before their repair.
Crankshaft straightening presses are designed for the straightening of crankshafts at the seat of distortion. The straightness of crankshaft is the most important factor that decides its life in the course of use. The crankshaft of engine is liable to get bent due to thermal and mechanical stresses. Any bend in the crankshaft must therefore be corrected by crankshaft straightening press.


ѕресс дл€ проверки и правки коленвалов
Parameters: CSP2000 CSP3000
Maximum distance between СvТ block mm 1900 2900
Minimum distance between СvТ block mm 250 250
Maximum journal diameter mm 100 130
Height of СvТ block from bed mm 250 250
Hydraulic pump capacity ton 15 25
Length of the machine mm 2300 3300
Width of the machine mm 500 500
Height of the machine mm 900 950
Net weight (approx) kg 280 330
Gross weight (approx) kg 450 500
Shipping volume m3 2 3
Packing case size (L X W X H) mm 2550 X 750 X 1150 3550 X 750 X 1100


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