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ROBBI   The Italian company ROBBI S.p.A. - one of the famous manufacturers of machinery and equipment for industrial applications.

ROBBI machines and equipment are very popular and enjoy a well-deserved reputation in many countries of the World; the production program ROBBI includes a line of machines and equipment using for machining both in production and engine repair.

Robbi manufactures several lines of machines and equipment for industrial application, including cylindrical grinding, vertical and horizontal honing machines.

Horizontal and vertical honing machines of the industrial line ROBBI

Robbi's horizontal and vertical honing machines stand out for their rigidity and power. As a result of more than 60 years of experience in the construction of special honing machines, a double rotational working headstock system has been developed, which guarantees optimum cylindricality of the holes even in very long workpieces.

The processing ability of Robbi tube horizontal honing machines covers a range up to 7000 mm long with tube holes up to 500 mm in diameter, which is a record among similar machines.

The range of industrial honing machines ROBBI consists:


Вертикально-хонинговальные станки ROBBI   Vertical honing machines ROBBI   Трубные горизонтально-хонинговальные станки ROBBI   Horizontal (tube) honing machines ROBBI


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