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Connecting rod boring machines models CRB

Линия станков DALCAN Machines Denmark

Станок для расточки и шлифовки шатунов DALCAN Machines Denmark

Inexpensive high precision machines for boring all types of connecting rods. The color is red in standard, any other colors are optional.

Technical features

  • Con-rod boring machines is solid & vibration free structure, main advantage is speed & feed is variable, accurate tool setting in microns, and excellent boring finish
  • Digital Display is the friendly feature for quick identification of boring speeds.
  • Bore centering dial gauge helps quick truing of bore with in actual machining position.


Boring range mm 15-175 13-140
Bore center distance mm 80-600 80-450
Boring spindle speed rpm 100-1000 100-1000
Bottom part traverse crosswise mm 50 50
Table movement longitudinal mm 300 300
A.C motor kW 1,5 1,5
D.C. Motor kW 0,2 0,2
Lenght of the machine mm 1300 1300
Width of the machine mm 800 800
Height of the machine mm 1850 1700
Work space required (L x W x H) mm 1800x1100x2000 1800x1100x1850
Net weight (approx) kg 775 725
Gross weight (approx) kg 1100 975
Shipping volume m3 3,0 3,0
Packing case outer size (L x W x H) mm 1500x950x2055 1500x950x1905



  • Boring spindle dia 14
  • Boring spindle dia 25
  • Boring spindle dia 40
  • Boring spindle dia 90
  • Boring tool
  • Tsm. Frame small
  • TSM frame big with knob
  • Centering device
  • Tool setting micrometer
  • Con-rod fixing “v”block with pin
  • Con rod clamping collar dia 28mm
  • Con rod clamping collar dia 40mm
  • Con rod clamping collar dia 48mm
  • Con rod clamping collar dia 75mm
  • Con rod clamping collar dia 100mm
  • Taper pins for con rod clamping
  • Tool adjusting bracket with knob
  • Centring cone small
  • Centring cone big
  • Oil gun
  • Allen key set (9nos)
  • Foundation bolt with nut
  • Levelling plate with bolt
  • Eccentrical plug
  • Lifting hole cover
  • Nylon plug
  • Operation Manual


  • Boring tools
  • Boring spindles
  • Eccentrical plug
  • Nylon plugs
  • Tool setting micrometer
  • TSM frame big with knob



DALCAN MACHINES - Denmark, DK-7100 Vejle, phone +45 24 21 31 88, e-mail: