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Valve seat cutting machines models VSC

Линия станков DALCAN Machines Denmark

Станок для для обработки седел DALCAN Machines Denmark

Inexpensive high precision machines for cylinder heads machining of the SERDI type. Coloring in white and red colors, but any other colors are also possible at the customer's request.

Линия станков DALCAN Machines Denmark              Линия станков DALCAN Machines Denmark

The machine line DALCAN Machines-Denmark for the cylinder head seats machining includes 2 models, with difference in the maximum length of the machining cylinder head, the type of fastening of the work head and the adjustment of the spindle speed rotation.

  • VSC 777 - machine with 3 air cushions, automatic centering of the tools and infinitely adjustable spindle speed and feed, using for motorcycle, car and light truck heads.
  • VSC 999 - universal machine with 3 air cushions, automatic centering of the tool and infinitely variable spindle speed and feed, for the cylinder heads of any engines.


  • Automatic centering system based on the spherical and flat air-float cushion cross action principle.
  • Servo motor control with infinitely variable with digital display.
  • Machine Spindle head clamping by double pneumatic cylinders, 360 rollover clamping system.
  • This machine has three air cushions for easy and quick centering with live pilots which are:
    - On the upper bed on the spindle head (2 axis),
    - On the spindle (spherical cushion 360),
    - On the work table (2 axis).

Touch pad provided for easy operating controls. Vaccum gauge provided to check the leakage of the valve seat. Comfortable operating tools stand. Quick holding & changing of tool holder with live pilots.


Parameters VSC 777 VSC 999
Boring range mm 18-80 18-80
Spindle travel mm 200 200
Spindle speed rpm 30-500 30-500
Spindle swing angle ± ° 6 6
Work head long. travels mm 700 1000
Work head cross travels mm 30 30
Max. cylinder head dimensions mm 800x550x450 1050x550x450
Spindle motor kW 0,25 0,25
Air pressure bar 6 6
Electric supply 3ph-440V-50Hz 3ph-440V-50Hz
Approx. weight kg 1000 1300
Gross weight kg 1150 1500
Machine dimensions mm 1210x850x1900 1600x850x1900



  • Tip holder dia40 – 60mm
  • Tip holder dia58 – 80mm
  • Carbide pilot stem
  • Profile tips
  • Tip setting device
  • Anti-vibration pads
  • Head clamping fixture
  • Insert tightening screw drivers
  • Vacuum checking pad
  • 4mm Allen key
  • Operating manual


  • Carbide pilot kit for bigger valves
  • Carbide pilot kit for smaller valves
  • Insert re-sharpner
  • Insert setting micrometer
  • Inserts
  • Kit for drilling and reaming
  • Tool holder long 1750L
  • Tool holder small 1750 S
  • Tool holder drilling 1750 D
  • Tool holder drill chuck 1750 C



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