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Line-boring machines models LBM

Линия станков DALCAN Machines Denmark

Горизонтально-расточной станок DALCAN Machines Denmark серии LBM 1500

Горизонтально-расточной станок DALCAN Machines Denmark серии LBM 2500

Simple, but very accurate, convenient and reliable machines for machining main bearings bores in engine blocks, as well as camshaft bearing bores in cylinder heads. Two models are produced, differing by the maximum permissible length of the cylinder blocks - LBM 1500 (1500 mm) and LBM 2500 (2500 mm). The coloring of the machines is in red, but any color can also be ordered at the customer's request.


Heavy bed is made of aged iron with stiffeners, eliminating the influence of vibrations on the machining accuracy.

Cylinder block Installation and adjustment
Centering of the part is made preliminary by means of cones, then the final centering is made with two universal centering devices with dial gauge. Special calipers ensure accurate alignment of the boring bar position with respect to the block surface. This guarantees the complete versatility of the machine for the repair of any bearings with a boring range from 24 to 225 mm.

Boring head
The boring head is mounted on a vertically adjustable support, which ensures a fast and accurate alignment of the spindle position with respect to the boring bar. Controls are grouped on a remote control on the boring head for the operator convenience. Spindle speed and feed have infinitely adjustment with reversal direction. Boring spindle has two stops and the possibility of using extension bars to increase of boring length. The boring head gear has automatic lubrication.

Boring bar bearings
The boring bar bearings are vertically adjusted, rotated and moved in all planes. Floating and adjustable boring bar bearings with the possibility of transverse movement allow quick adjustment of the block position.

Tool setting micrometer device with magnetic base, for tool setting accurate repeatability. Centering of boring bar on the machine is done very quickly with the dial indicator.


Parameters LBM 1500 LBM 2500
Maximum length of block mm 1500 2500
Min. distance between top of bed and boring bar center mm 450 550
Max. distance between top o1 bed lo boring bar center mm 750 850
Boring capacity with standard equipments mm 32-140 32-175
Boring capacity with optional equipments mm 25-225 24-225
Spindle speed infinitely variable rpm 80 - 700 80 - 700
Feed both directions infinitely variable mm/min 0-50 0-50
Max. travel of boring bar mm 450 450
Drive motor( A. C) kW 1,5 1,5
Spindle feed motor (D.C.) kW 0,18 0,18
Length of machine mm 3840 4840
Width of machine mm 750 750
Height of machine mm 1750 1850
Work space required (L x W x H) mm 6000x1750 X 2000 5000 X 1750 X 1900 mm
Net weight (approx.) kg 1750 2250
Gross weight (approx.) kg 2250 2750
Shipping volume m3 6 8
Packing case outer size (L x W x H) mm 4100 x 1000x1495 5100 X 1000 X1595

Standard equipment:

  • Setting up parallel100mm height x 550mm long
  • Setting up parallel100mm height x 750mm long*
  • Setting up parallel 200mm height x 550mm long
  • Boring bar dia 30 x 1600mm long
  • Boring bar dia 48 x 2000mm long
  • Boring bar dia 60 x 3000mm long*
  • Bearing bush tor boring bar dia 30mm
  • Bearing bush tor boring bar dia 48mm
  • Bearing bush for boring bar dia 60mm*
  • Extra support for boring bar dia 60mm with bush*
  • Centering cone dia 30
  • Centering cone dia 48
  • Centering cone dia 60*
  • Cutter head dia 90 for boring bar dia 48mm
  • Cutter head dia 100 for boring bar dia 60mm*
  • Cutter head dia 135 for boring bar dia 60mm*
  • Boring tool dia 7 x 22mm long
  • Boring tool dla 7 x 28mm long
  • Boring tool dia 12 x 55mm long
  • Boring tool dia 12 x 67mm long
  • Boring tool dia 12 x 20mm long*
  • Boring tool dia 12 x 30mm long*
  • Boring tool dia 12 x 35mm long*
  • Facing tool dia 12 x 69mm long
  • Tool setting micrometer
  • Magnetic base small
  • Magnetic base big*
  • Centering device with dial indicator
  • Boring bar rest
  • Block clamping assembly
  • Leveling plate with bolt
  • Foundation bolt with nut
  • Oil gun
  • Alien key set (9nos)
  • Double end spanner 24126
  • Handle type alien key 4mm
  • Handle type alien key 6mm
  • Centering pin dia 7 & 12mm
  • Operation manual

*- for LBM2500 model only

NOTE - standard equipment includes all needed tools for working!

Extra equipment:

  • Boring bar dia 22 X 1200 mm
  • Boring bar dia 30 x 1600 mm
  • Boring bar dia 40 x 2000 mm
  • Boring bar dia 48 x 2000 mm
  • Bearing bush dia 22 mm
  • Bearing bush dia 40 mm
  • Centering cone dia 22 mm
  • Centering cone dia 40 mm



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