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Линия станков ROBBI

Хонинговальный станок

SET machines - easy control and minimum operations for precision work. High quality work is provided to the rigid feed of the honing head stones. Coloring in to any color at the customer's request.

Хонинговальный станок ROBBI LM150   Хонинговальный станок ROBBI SET150L   Хонинговальный станок ROBBI SET150E   Хонинговальный станок ROBBI SET200


  • Quick removal / installation of the honing head.
  • Telescopic spindle for quick selection of the hone head working position by height.
  • Quick adjustment of the hone head upper and lower end positions during honing.
  • Ability to easily adjust the hone head rotation speed and vertical feed.
  • Rigid feeding expansion of the stones with automatic or manual adjustment, the possibility of using different hone heads, including SUNNEN.
  • Simple fixing of V- blocks.


  • L version - basic machine with manual adjustment of parameters and discrete adjustment of the honing head speed and feed,
  • LE version - model with infinitely electronic speed control and discrete adjustment of honing head feed,
  • E version – model with electronic variable spindle rotation speed, stroking speed infinitely variable, longitudinal and cross table traverse. All the models have a large selection of extra equipment for the installation and honing of any cylinder blocks.


    Процесс хонингования: установка хонголовки, регулировка мертвых точек, хонингование, измерение диаметра

    The honing process: installation of hone head, adjustment of end points, honing, diameter measurement.

    Пульт управления станком   Органы управления станком

    Control panel of the machine


    PARAMETERS SET 150-L SET 150-LE SET 150-E SET 200
    Honing diameters mm 31-150 31-150 31-170 31-300
    Max. honing length mm 380 380 380 800
    Max. honing stroke mm 300 300 300 250
    Max. head stroke m 1340 1340 1340 1600
    Spindle rotation speeds rpm 70-140 70-140 70-150 50-75-100-150
    Spindle speed stroke m/min 0-18 0-18 0-18 0-18
    Distance spindle centre to column guides mm 350 350 350 430
    Max. distance table to honer mm 800 800 800 800
    Table surface mm 1400 x 500 1400 x 500 1400 x 500 1350x550
    Table traverse mm 1340 1340 1340 1300
    Table cross traverse mm - - 80 80
    Main spindle rotation motor kW 2,2-1,5 2,2-1,5 3,5-2,5 3,5-2,5
    Hydraulic pump kW 2 2 2 3
    Cooling pump kW 0,12 0,12 0,12 0,25
    Dimensions: length x width x height mm 2380x1370x2300 2380x1370x2300 2380x1370x2300 2200x1500x2700
    Work space required mm 3720x1370x2800 3720x1370x2800 3720x1370x3000 3720x1370x3000
    Approx. net weight kg 1200 1200 1300 1500
    Approx. gross weight with shipping box kg 1500 1500 1600 1800
    Dimensions of shipping box m 1,8x1,52x2,47 1,8x1,52x2,47 1,86x1,5x2,47 1,86x1,78x2,66
    Volume of shipping box m3 6,758 6,758 7,142 7,758


    6-stone hone head Robbi type with a limited range of stone expansion:

    Hone head









    Honing diameter, mm 31-51 40-55 51-74 59 - 85 70-104 83-110 102-154 120-180

    2-stone universal hone heads of Sunnen type:

    350-P - universal hone head for diameter 62-170 mm.
    350-S - universal hone head for diameter 62-300 mm.


    • Electric installation 24 V
    • Hydraulic installation
    • Cooling installation
    • Pair of high setting-up supports
    • Locking clamps with bolts
    • Service spanners
    • Operating manual

    Хонинговальные головки

    Приспособление для крепления блоков


    • Honing head diam. mm. 120-180 with stone-holders and abrasive stones.
    • Universal honing heads for diam mm. 63-170 complete with stone-holders, stones, driving support and stone holder support.
    • Stroking speed infinitely variable automatic feed.
    • Workpiece alignment device.
    • Fixture for fast cylinder clamping.
    • Fixture for motorcycle cylinder clamping.
    • Universal fixture for fast clamping of V-cylinder blocks and line cylinders.
    • Universal fixture for clamping V-cylinder blocks and heads, with level.
    • Fixture for clamping V-cylinder blocks with fixed squares 30° and 45°.
    • Micrometric device for measuring cylinder bores with dial gauge.
    • Stone-holders and abrasive stones.

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